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Whose Line Stills

an icon challenge community

10/6/06 11:05 pm - michygeary - Mod Post

*sigh* ... I really wanted to make this community work, but I just can't. Does anyone want to take over as a full-time mod?

3/1/06 09:35 pm - michygeary - Mod post

Hey everyone! I'm sure you've noticed that we've been on a sort of unannounced hiatus for a while. The truth is, I started this community with high hopes, and then I sort of lost inspiration. But I would definitely love to see the community keep going -- so let me know if anyone here would like to take over and run the weekly challenges. I can put up voting (and possibly winners) but it's really coming up with the challenges that I get stumped on, and that's what makes it so hard to stick with it. So if you think you can do a better job than me (which I'm sure anyone here could!) just post here if you're interested :)

Thanks everyone! Love to all.


12/19/05 10:00 pm - michygeary - Challenge 004 Winner Banners

I'll make my own later =P

Lemme know when you've snagged em :)


12/19/05 09:00 pm - michygeary - Challenge 004 Winners!

Some ties this week, but I think it worked out nicely :)

1st - and by michygeary

2nd - by digitaljazz and
by dback612

Mod's - by lumoslight

I think everyone who entered placed! Congratulations everyone =D I'm doing banners now, so those will be up in a moment.


12/17/05 06:40 pm - michygeary - Challenge 004 Voting!

Sorry for the delay. Please vote for your favorite three in no particular order.

Challenge 004 VotingCollapse )

Good luck!


12/11/05 03:00 pm - michygeary - Challenge 004 Extension

I'm extending the current challenge another week, as we've only got one entry so far. Remember, you can enter up to three. Please enter if you can.


12/3/05 06:00 pm - michygeary - Challenge 004

This week, I think we'll go with...

Red and Gold

All you have to do is use any picture of any of our Whose Line guys (and gals) and make an icon that shows red and gold. You can use other colors, but red and/or gold should be most prominent. You don't have to use both red and gold, but you certainly may.

Don't forget, if you need pictures, check out the community's galleries in the user info.

You may submit up to three icons for this challenge. Icons are due Friday, December 9 at 9:00p EST. Post entries here. All comments will be screened.

Thank you!

Current Entries: Three


12/3/05 06:00 pm - michygeary - Challenge 003 Banners

Sorry for the unnanounced hiatus. Just needed a week or two to collect myself.

Here are the winner banners for challenge 003!

Congratulations again! Lemme know when you've grabbed em.

Challenge 004 up in a sec.


11/22/05 09:20 am - michygeary - Challenge 003 Winners!

Sorry for the delay. I was hoping for someone else to vote to berak the tie, but alas.

1st - by michygeary

2nd - by digitaljazz

2nd - by michygeary

Mod's - by dback612

Congratulations to all! 500 points and an all-expense paid trip to Virginia to each of you. Enjoy!

Banners coming soon.


11/20/05 12:30 pm - michygeary - Challenge 003 Voting

We're going to start doing poll voting instead of comment voting :)

  1. Vote for your three favorite icons
  2. There will be three places this week, plus a mod's choice
Challenge 003 Voting here!Collapse )

Thank you! And good luck :)

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